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About Rewilding Us

Rewilding is the concept of reintroducing a species into the environment it was once part of, typically to restore and maintain the balance in natures equilibrium.

Historically humans have had an affinity to develop social constructs that grow increasingly detached from nature.

Presently our community has never been so disconnected from the natural world.

We have forgotten our purpose for being here, the reason all life exists on earth. It's simple, so simple it can easily be overlooked.

Seldom do we come across a worldly problem that cannot be attributed to humans disconnection from nature, our reliance on industry to support our means, our health, our entertainment and our hunger for excess have taken us further away from the essence of life and have contributed exponentially to local and global problems.

Rewilding Us is the concept of reintroducing to our communities ways of life through human activity that recalibrates natural equilibriums, restoring the balance of nature by reconnecting humans to our ancestral heritage that has been lost and forgotten.


Humans are foragers, hunter gatherers, it is engrained in us to gather and collect wild foods for our nourishment and health.This skill has been lost and forgotten for many, but can be relearnt over time with the expertise of trusted guides.


Through foraging we can slow down, resurrect our instinctive connection to the natural world, harmonising the balance between human activity and nature, improve our self reliance, independence and experience the wondrous flavours found in natures larder.


About Chris Holdham

I grew up in a small village with vast woodlands as my back garden and have had a passion for the natural world for as long as I can remember.

As a child I have fond memories foraging for autumn berries, spending hours on riverbanks waiting to bring a prize fish home for our family, visiting my grandparents who had a diet rich in foraged oceanic foods and who would take me to the shores foraging for wild edibles and shellfish.


My love for the outdoors led me to a 15 year long career in golf course management, through which I developed an expertise in teaching plant identification. I worked in the exclusive course sector on some of the countries most ecologically sensitive golf course construction and rewilding projects and at numerous revered televised tournaments. Through my career I featured in industry magazines and on national television. I also acquired a degree level qualification covering botany, agronomy, ecology and mycology along the way.

Finding the balance between modern life and nature was always a challenge for me. My attunement to our connection with the natural world gave me an alternative view of the environments I worked with, inevitably I pursued a deeper destiny and now share my passions through guided foraging workshops.

Being a father of two beautiful girls, Daisy and Hazel, I am a believer that we borrow the earth from future generations and that we all play a role in ensuring the health of the planet for the future.

For me, there is a bigger picture to Rewilding Us which brings solutions to larger problems through individual and communal adaptions to the dominant way our society has evolved. Through Rewilding Us I reacquaint you with your instinctive curiosity for the natural world and give you back the skills, as our recent ancestors had, to sustainably and safely forage for wild foods.

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