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Terms & Conditions




Health and Safety

By booking a course you agree to follow our instructions and guidelines for safe and responsible foraging. Whilst on the course anything you pick yourself must be identified by us before consuming. Any produce you wish to take home that you have picked yourself must be shown to us before so we can confirm its identification. There will be a first aider on site at all times and direct access to emergency services, however, you are responsible for ensuring your own safety. You must inform us if you have any medicinal or dietary issues that we ought to take into account. 

Cancellation / Refunds 

If you cannot attend the course you must let us know at least 14 days in advance and you will have the option of a full refund or to reschedule the course.

Under exceptional circumstances you may be given a full refund after the cancellation date expires, this will be considered by us and at our discretion.

Some courses may be cancelled or rescheduled due to exceptionally bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. In this case all bookings will be offered a full refund or an alternative course date or you can select another course of your choice. If you choose a course at a higher price you will be expected o pay the difference.

Travel & Accommodation Costs

We cannot take responsibility for the lose occurred for travel and accommodation costs due to cancellations.​


We often take photography and occasionally film at our public courses for marketing purposes and social media content, please feel free to decline if you do not wish for your image to be used for any of our marketing or social media.

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