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Coastal Foraging Sussex

There is an abundance of edible wild food growing and inhabiting our shores all throughout the year. Seaweed is great for beginner foragers as most of the seaweeds that grow at shore level in the south east are edible, they are also under utilised in this country and have many health benefits. On our coastal courses we may also explore underwater, investigating rocky crevasses for edible shellfish and crustaceans, you'll probably get your feet wet!


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Coastal Foraging Courses

For us coastal foraging is all about exploring single locations with multiple habitats. Our sussex coasts are some of the best in the country, with cliffs and rocky terrain that are perfect habitats for seaweeds, extreme low tides on sandy shores exposing shellfish, salt marshes brimming with succulents and rare sand dunes and beach shingle.


In recent years the Sussex Councils along with other public bodies such as IFCA have established a leading foothold for our country on coastal conservation practices. There are marine conservation zones and prohibitions preventing trawler fishing covering 100's of square miles of coastline, this is allowing the underwater flora and fauna of the Sussex coasts to flourish once again.

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Sustainability and safety are two key concepts regarding foraging. This is especially applicable to coastal foraging. It is great to take the custodianship of the land and seas into our own hands when gathering wild food. Huge steps forwards have been taken to reverse the damage to oceanic habitats and species, as foragers we can help carry that forwards. 

Due to environmental factors coastal foraging requires particular dexterity to ensure the wild food being collected is not exploited or contaminated. There are great locations to forage from on the Sussex coast and ways to ensure the wild food is safe to eat. The guidance orientated around this on our courses will set you up with great foundations to continue your coastal foraging journey both safely and sustainably.

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