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Seasonal Foraging Courses

Seasonal foraging courses are aligned with the natural changes throughout the seasons. Spring we will be looking at fresh green growth and flowers, Summer we can expect to find plenty of greens and Summer fruits. In the Autumn nuts, seeds and berries and the Winter focus is on evergreens and winter greens, perhaps with a bit of bushcraft.

We may come across edible mushrooms on our seasonal courses, the varieties and quantities vary throughout the seasons so we will aim to introduce you to what we find during any particular time of year.

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Fresh Spring Water

foraging courses west sussex

I always get asked "how did you get into finding and using fresh spring water?" When I was a child travelling, we backpacked through the Italian Alps, spending weeks in the mountains we had to be able to find our own water supply, the childhood memories created through this never left me.


As you can imagine, fresh spring water tastes pure, the health benefits are vast and it's a nice family activity to go and collect your own drinking water.


Throughout the seasonal courses there's a strong possibility we'll be foraging for fresh spring water, one of my favourite activities.​

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forager sussex, foraging courses west sussex

We run a mushroom foraging workshop in the Autumn, this course is specifically designed and focused on locating and identifying fungi. We run the courses in the Autumn as this is the most active time of year for fungi. However, fungi grow all year round, many are seasonal, often on our courses we come across edible fungi, some of which only produce fruiting bodies during seasons other than Autumn. Our seasonal Courses offer us the opportunity to explore fungi all year round, although the focus is on foraging in general, a mushroom hunter is always on the lookout for fungi.

You can also request foraging for specific fungi throughout the year by using our contact form, would be fun to arrange a foray at a location which increases our chances of finding something on your bucket list! 

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