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Coastal Foraging

Select either 23rd June, 27th July, then click on the time

  • 60 British pounds
  • Details are revealed 2 days before the course and is near Chichester Harbou

Course Description

Course Dates 23rd June - Start Time 16:00 27th July - Start Time 08:00 The coast are the most exciting places to forage they have the greatest diversity of habitats and species, with choice edibles growing all year round. WHAT YOU WILL BE LEARNING ABOUT Each time the tide recedes we get the opportunity to explore the foreshore and gather a bounty of unique treasures. the coast is packed with a large diversity nutrient rich food and wonderful flavours. Learning about coastal foraging is also my number one recommended activity for reconnecting you to the natural world as these specialist course's are highly conducive to natures rhythms. We'll be foraging in a variety of habitats from beach shingle to salt marshes each provides its own ingredients for us to gather. The course will be predominantly covering plant species found on the coast from sea kale to samphire. If you are interested in foraging seaweeds there is a separate seaweed foraging course which you could book onto as it is unlikely we will be able to go into depth about seaweeds on this coastal forage. Foraging on the coast requires a high level of dexterity to do it safely and sustainably. We give guidance to put you on the right track to make safe and nature conscious decisions. COURSE DETAILS The course will be held in Chichester Harbour, meet in West Wittering. It will run for approximately 3 hours and is a circular walk finishing where we started. The walk will be gentle but along rocky and potentially slippery substrate, you will need to be fit enough to walk the route. The course is highly conducive to season and natures rhythms and the course times are allocated to when the tide is at its lowest so we can access the rich resources exposed as the tide recedes. It would be convenient to drive as the location is remote. On occasions lift shares can be organised. Under 18's are free. WHAT TO BRING Wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and seasons. You will need to wear wellies. Bring any refreshments you may need such as water and snacks. Bring a basket or container or cloth bag to store any foraged food you would like to take home. We discourage the use of plastic bags to store foraged food in. A note pad and pen to write down information with. Alternatively; A camera to take pictures or for filming

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Worthing, UK

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