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Welcome to Rewilding Us


Forage Wild Food in Sussex & Surrey


Explore our foraging experiences through seasonal foraging courses, coastal foraging courses and mushroom foraging courses where you will learn how to find and use the wild plants, edible mushrooms and the delicious seafood found in the diverse and rich habitats in and around Sussex & Surrey.


Our experiences are those open to all and those bespoke for special events. Whether it is for family and friends, team building, a special occasion or corporate event, drop us a message and let's make that happen for you.

"Natures larder is plentiful, it offers gourmet foods for everyone to enjoy!"

Online Bookings

Mushroom foraging courses Sussex

If you fancy trying out any of our courses select the ones you are interested in and follow the simple steps in the online booking system or take a look at the full 2024 course calendar. If you are looking to enquire about a bespoke course you will find an email address and enquiries form on our contact page.

Special Events &
Gift Vouchers

Foraging experiences Sussex & Surrey

We run numerous collaborated special events with other high quality experts and talented chefs. Our next special event can be viewed here

Gift vouchers are available for special occasions, these can be requested for all our newly released 2024 courses!!


Foraging Courses

Visit our foraging courses page to read about foraging, our ethos into wild food and the natural environments we are connected with. There  you can check out info on specific course types such as coastal foraging and mushroom foraging.

Foraging courses Sussex & Surrey

About Us

Hi, I'm Chris and have been developing the projects at Rewilding Us for a number of years. You'll be joining me on our wild walks. 

A little about me... My deeper wild food journey stemmed from being on a plant based diet for nearly 10 years. After spending years seeking the healthiest diet for my body and the environment, my journey turned into an all round rewilding experience, foraging my own water, plants and meat for the benefit of my body and the rest of life on earth. This is a journey that is reflected in the courses, the majority are vegan orientated, however, we do cater for all walks of life.

To find out more about myself and Rewilding Us take a look at our about page.

Mushroom Hunting West Sussex
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